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With the Ensemble lumières baroques

The ensemble lumières baroques invites you to discover the early Baroque – Standing at the beginning of a new musical era, not yet forced into a prefabricated form, preceding the concerto grosso or the Baroque suite, the early Baroque unfolds itself free from artistic constraints. The story the music tells takes centre stage. Helped by rhetorical devices and acoustic colours it guides us on an emotional journey. The soprano Arabella Cortese, Anna Will on the Baroque violin, Maya Lerch on the viola da gamba and the tenor recorder, Dina Kehl on the viola da gamba, and Irina Döring on the lute will accompany you on this voyage.

The Nymph in Love

New dates to follow.

With the Ensemble lumières médiévales

Stockhausen’s intuitive music of the twentieth century and medieval music may appear to arise from two contradictory sound worlds – but their fusion conjures harmony. The special charm lies in the interplay, which holds the audience in its spell and allows them to immerse themselves in a new and unique sound world. The instrumentation accentuates the effect through a wooden akkordeon, the only one of its kind in the world. The ensemble lumières médiévales carries you away on this musical expedition: the soprano Arabella Cortese, Irina Döring on the lute, Alexandre Jaques on the accordeon and Thibault Viviani on the recorder and the traverso.

timeless medieval

New dates to follow.